Engagement Parties in Brisbane – What to remember


Congratulations on your engagement! The question has been popped, and no sooner when the ring is on your finger it’s worth thinking about how you will best celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Engagement parties are the perfect way to formalise the announcement and an opportunity for guests and family to get to know each other a little bit better before the wedding. To successfully plan one, it’s important to consider the following details.

 Choosing a Date

First things first – setting the date. Most people throw an engagement party about 2-3 months after the announcement and about a year before the actual wedding date. If you are getting married within 6 months of the announcement, it’s traditional to host the party within 1 month of the announcement. Generally hold of drawing up the guest list until you know more about the wedding guest list since it’s generally expected that those being invited to the engagement party will also be invited to the wedding. If you’re not sure exactly how many people you are inviting to the wedding, keep the guest list small with just closest friends and family.

Choosing a Venue

Engagement parties can be anything from a backyard barbeque to a more fancy dinner. They are a toned down version of a wedding reception, with less planning required with all the smaller details. However one of the biggest considerations is the location itself. Engagement parties are usually hold at licensed venues with cocktail style events where some food and drink is provided. For those on a budget guests may purchase their own drinks, or beers and house wines may be provided. There are lots of engagement party venues in Brisbane, with Moda Restaurant suited to sit down dinners and cocktail style parties. Look for venues suited to the size of your guest list as a room too small or too large will feel either cramped or impersonal.

Food and Entertainment

Finally you’ll want to consider what food will be provided. If the party goes over meal times this is even more important, especially since people will be drinking. Our award-winning chefs at Moda Restaurant can provide a range of delicious, festive and fun options that your guests will love. Don’t forget to think about entertainment including music, who will make a toast (usually the engaged couple parents) and other details including photography, a guest register and decorations. You may want to consider creating a theme, which can help choosing all the details including the food, decorations and venue.

Moda Restaurant is a European influenced restaurant and bar and is the perfectly styled setting for intimate and romantic celebrations, including engagement parties and weddings with a dedicated event planner to make the party a complete success. Now you’re engaged – don’t wait. Set a date and CELEBRATE. Phone: (07) 3221 7655

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