Cocktail Wedding Receptions in Brisbane – The Benefits


In the world of weddings, one of the most popular formats in the last few years has been the arrival of the cocktail wedding reception, which in a venue like Moda Restaurant with our courtyard setting and open bar, makes for a celebration with a difference.

Cocktail weddings focus more on finger food, and conform to a less rigid set up than a typical sit down reception, allowing guests to move around, mingle (and dance) as they please. If you haven’t considered a cocktail wedding reception before, we explain what you can expect as well as some of the benefits below.

 Additional Choices of Food – Without the Price Tag

Often wedding catering consists of two alternating options – usually alternating between a beef or a chicken dish depending on your seat. While there is an almost endless amount of interesting dishes you can create with these crowd pleasing meats, cocktail menus include so many more choices.

With entresmese, canapés, hors d oeuvres and other gourmet finger food there will be something to suit all tastes while complementing all beverages in hand, be it wine, champagnes or a martini! Our acclaimed chefs and kitchen staff can prepare a mouthwatering selection of hot and cold offerings to be consistently brought out over the evening, featuring an array of ingredients. From seafood, choux pastries, Mediterranean potato rostis, and cured meats, not does this give additional choice, it’s a more affordable option with intricate and interesting foods, while ensuring no one goes hungry.

A More Social Wedding

With a stand up wedding, no one gets seated next to someone they don’t know, and everyone has the chance to move around mingling and mixing with everyone. This not only gives the bride and groom more chance to ‘work the floor,’ it also lends itself to more interaction, more dancing and a more fluid and relaxed feel. With Moda’s indoor/outdoor venue and spacious courtyard, this means people can talk, dance, or sit in the bar area while having a central area to leave gifts, sign the guest book, and an area for speeches, live music, or for the DJ.

 What to Remember With Cocktail Weddings

–          Provide Enough Food. This includes having permanent food stations where people can help themselves as well as food service staff bringing out new offerings consistently. Based on your number of guests and length of venue hire we will advise an appropriate amount of food to be brought all evening out throughout the wedding.  

–          Seating is still important, so use a number of benches, stools, chairs and lounges to ensure a place to relax. As a general rule have enough seating for around one third of the guests.

At Moda Restaurant, as your guests step through our gates and into our courtyard on your wedding day, give them a 5 star experience, without the rigidness of a typical sit down affair.

With our lofty high ceilings, and space for larger and more intimate weddings, plus a wine and drinks list to get anyone excited, cocktail weddings are an option to consider for those tying the knot looking for a less traditional format. To find out more about planning your wedding in one of Brisbane’s best boutique wedding venues, call our events team today on (07) 3221 7655

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