3 Things to Remember with a Restaurant Wedding

weddingSince the beginning of time, mankind has celebrated with food. One of the biggest ways to celebrate the union of man and wife is a feast fit for royalty, with a restaurant wedding reception that is sure to have tongues wagging and taste buds hopping.

Restaurants aren’t always first considered as the first choice for wedding venues, but since great food and an inviting setting are assured, they are often some of the best venues for an ambient, intimate and delicious celebration. When it comes to private functions, Moda Restaurant specialise in wedding receptions and can work with suppliers to create your dream wedding – amazing food included. For those who haven’t considered celebrating their nuptials in gastronomic glory, here’s 3 things to remember to ensure the restaurant wedding is right for you.

1. How many guests do you want to invite?

Some restaurants have a limited capacity of 60 or so guests, so if you’re planning a big bridal bash, it can become challenge finding a restaurant with the space to put up so many guests. On the flip side, receptions in a restaurant setting are very suited for a smaller, more intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest.

2. Décor comes included

Unlike a plain function room which can be completely dressed up, a restaurant comes with certain styling included as part of the charm. That’s not to say you can’t change the table settings, and decorations, but a French or Spanish restaurant will have certain décor included. This is why finding a restaurant with a ‘look’ that you like, is very important. The benefits with décor coming included, is that much of the venue is already decorated, which can save on decorating and styling costs.

3. Flexible menus and food based on your preferences

Few other venues are able to come up with a menu based exactly on your needs and vision for the day. A restaurant wedding reception will mean that menus can be created around all your food preferences, using exciting ingredients and showcasing skills of the chef to really ‘wow’ your guests. Other venues rarely can offer the flexibility and creativity of a wedding menu (or as extensive of a beverage list) than your preferred restaurant.

We look forward to showing you more about what is possible by hosting your wedding with Moda Restaurant. To talk tantalising tastes, and learn about moreish menu items for your upcoming wedding, contact the functions team direct today on (07) 3221 7655 today.

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