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Top 7 Ways To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary

As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and the phrase is particularly poignant when it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary. However, sometimes the hustle and bustle of daily life overrides important events like these, or it may just be that your wedding day was such a long time ago, you can’t even remember the actual date! Regardless of the reason, it’s still a wonderful way to celebrate the bond you have with your partner – all you need is a bit of inspiration!

Here are our top 7 ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

#1 – Create a new tradition

Whether you are celebrating one of your first wedding anniversaries or clinking champagne glasses in honour of many wonderful married years together, it’s always nice to create some kind of memorable tradition around your wedding anniversary. Rituals can not only add to the uniqueness of the event, they can easily help you remember the date as well!

Rather than just celebrating a wedding anniversary with just words and a gift, why not book in an activity that you can enjoy and look forward to every year? The combination of a beautiful meal in an ambient restaurant can be the ideal way to get you both in the mood, truly appreciate each other’s company, and satisfy your tastebuds … all at the same time!

#2 – Treat yourself

Rather than just booking a table at your local restaurant, why not expand your experience (and palate) further by planning a wedding anniversary dinner somewhere special?

Private dining rooms are a great way of enjoying a beautiful meal together, with an intimacy that will ensure wonderful conversation and night of deliciously crafted memories. Choose a favourite cuisine that you both love but don’t indulge in all the time, or consider trying a menu that’s a little more adventurous (like our Winter Tasmanian Truffle Menu!)

Or why not make a spectacular weekend of it, with a day exploring the city together, a limousine ride to dinner, and an overnight stay in a deluxe, late-check-out-is-mandatory hotel?

#3 – Celebrate with others

All anniversaries are milestones, however some anniversary celebrations can be a little more significant than others. Perhaps you are reaching a wedding milestone, accomplished a goal together you’ve always dreamed of, or you may just want to celebrate with people you cherish more than anything in the world. If you are the type of couple that loves a big get together, then why not consider planning a wedding anniversary dinner with a difference?

Secure a suitable venue, send your invites to your special guests, and then enjoy the process of planning a memorable night with your partner and loved ones. Consider an indulgent banquet menu, pre-select some beautiful wines to accompany it, and don’t forget about a celebratory cake or dessert to finish the meal on a sweet note!

#4 – Make dinner entertaining

You’ve decided on a dinner with loved ones to celebrate a wedding anniversary, but why not up the ante and really make a night of it? Ask the restaurant what kind of special activities you can plan in order to make the event a little more memorable. Perhaps it’s including décor that reflects your personalities, a video or photo presentation of your history together, or some music that means a lot to you as a couple.

Bring with you a ‘memories’ book that guests can sign on the night, or for those that love a bit of interactive fun, why not challenge your guests with a quiz about you as a couple? Get them to guess fun facts about your relationship and be rewarded with some movie tickets or a bottle of wine. It also guarantees plenty of laughs that can end the night on a celebratory note.

#5 – Recreate your wedding night menu

Think back to your wedding reception and pinpoint some of your favourite food and drink memories from the day. Perhaps it was a special cocktail you and your guests said ‘cheers’ with, or the welcome bubbles courtesy of your favourite champagne.

In terms of food, maybe it was the amazing canapés, the divine three-course meal you feasted on before dancing the night away, or it could be as simple as the unusually flavoured wedding cake lovingly made by your future mother-in-law!

Taste and smell are wonderfully powerful senses that can help to trigger some of the most important memories of the past. Once you’ve booked your wedding anniversary dinner, peruse the menu before you arrive and choose something that not only reawakens your tastebuds, but the indulgence and the uniqueness of that special day.

#6 – Reminisce about your wedding day

Your wedding anniversary dinner was celebrated in true style, with an amazing meal, wonderful company and memories that will carry you through to next year’s event. But the night’s not necessarily over just because dinner is! Plan an intimate end to the evening by lighting some candles, cosying up on your favourite couch and reliving the special moments of your wedding day.

Settle in for a viewing of your wedding video, dust off that wedding album, or peruse the beautiful messages written on your wedding cards. Reliving these moments can intensify your strong connection, and make you appreciate even more the journey you’ve made as a couple together.

#7 – Give a thoughtful gift

When planning a wedding anniversary, a little thought can go a long way towards making the day even more memorable. Anniversary gifts are organised by year, can be traditional or modern, and they can also include flower and gemstone gifts.

For example, if celebrating a one-year wedding anniversary, the traditional theme is paper or cotton with the modern theme being clocks. Traditional ten-year anniversary themes are tin or aluminium, and the modern theme is diamond jewellery, and themes go all the way up to celebrating 90 years of marriage. Which is a gift in itself!

You can also match your gift with your anniversary year, so for example, if it’s your twelve-year anniversary, surprise your partner with a bunch of a dozen roses. Make a game of it and see which partner can come up with the most creative number-themed gift. And remember, gifts don’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful!

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