How to Choose Great Small Wedding Venues

How to Choose Great Small Wedding Venues

The traditional large weddings that include all family and extended family are slowly being phased out and replaced with smaller, more intimate weddings. These smaller weddings usually include as few as 10 or 20 guests – sometimes less – and they are popular for a number of reasons. Smaller weddings are usually more cost-effective and they often allow each guest to come away with a more genuine or enjoyable experience than large weddings do.

On a more profound level, small weddings are a good way to maintain an intimate ambience and focus the celebrations on the bride and groom. The ambience is not only dependent on the size of the celebration, however. Venues play perhaps the most important role when it comes to ambience and choosing the right small wedding venue is absolutely paramount.

Choosing good small wedding venues is not always easy. There are so many factors that go into a successful wedding and all of these must tie in to the venue seamlessly, for the best result. This is where it pays to choose a small wedding venue that is experienced when it comes to hosting weddings and other important events. Weddings are unlike any other event and they require a venue with that special touch, in both ambience and service. The customs and traditions that go into a standard wedding are quite unique and that is something that only the staff at an experienced small wedding venue can appreciate.

Some things to consider when planning your wedding

When you are planning your wedding, there are many things to consider. While your choice of venue is at the top of this list, there are several things that you must take into account before you choose a good small wedding venue. Probably the first thing you should address is your guest list. The guest list is vital as it will dictate how many people attend your wedding and therefore the size of the venue you will need.

Doing this first means that you can send off invitation early in the planning process and hopefully receive your replies with plenty of time to spare. It is only once you have confirmed the number of guests attending that you can turn your mind to confirming a booking with a small wedding venue. Many small wedding venues require a reasonable period of notice prior to the ceremony itself, which is why your guest list must take precedence over some other steps in the planning process.

While you are managing your guest list, it might also be useful to consider the style of wedding you are going for. Contemporary weddings are diverse in nature, which is why you should consider your practical needs before choosing a venue. For example, you might require certain decorations or décor alterations of religious significance to facilitate a traditional religious wedding.

Alternatively, you might wish to request a themed décor that reflects the interests or design preferences of you and your significant other. In either event, it is helpful for you and the staff at you small wedding venue to know these things in advance, so that they can be planned to perfection before the date of the wedding.

What small wedding venues should offer you

There are numerous small wedding venues throughout Brisbane and this can sometimes make your choice a little difficult. Not all small wedding venues will offer you the same experience however, and it might make your choice a little easier if you know what to look for. Your small wedding venue should offer you many things, but of these things there are three that stand out in particular.

#1 Impeccable service

Anyone who has been to a wedding will recognise that service plays a major role in the event’s success. There is nothing worse than slow or insufficient service. This is why you should confirm that your small wedding venue has a great service record and is able to cater for your needs and the needs of your guests.

Again, this is where choosing an experienced wedding venue helps. If your small wedding venue has hosted weddings many times before, then you can rest assured that they have all the expertise necessary to deliver impeccable service and ensure the satisfaction of you and your guests. Sometimes, it is even good to find a venue with a bit of character and charm as well as elegance. This can help foster a warm and social environment for your guests.

#2 Some flexibility

When you are trying to organise a large number of people, there is bound to be some last minute changes. Even if your wedding only has ten or twenty guests, you are still prone to last minute decisions, cancellations or plus ones. This can be stressful for you as an organiser and there is nothing worse than trying to meet the needs of your guests, while dealing with rigid venue staff at the same time. Choosing a venue with a little bit of flexibility is always a good idea, as it can help relieve some of the stress that comes with organising a wedding.

#3 A convenient location

One of the things that can make your wedding plans all the more complicated is location. Sure the scenery might be beautiful a few hours out of town, but when your guests are coming from all over the country and sometimes even the world, this raises a few logistical issues. Choosing a nice venue in Brisbane’s CBD is a safe bet that still meets all of your criteria.

The CBD is within easy reach of almost everywhere and it is not far from a few great photo opportunities. Some of Brisbane’s great landmarks, including the botanical gardens, Brisbane River and Story Bridge are all accessible from the CBD. This does not mean you need to sacrifice on atmosphere, however. Some of Brisbane’s best small wedding venues are in the CBD and offer intimate, rustic ambience with the convenience of easy access and great service.

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