5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue

Who doesn’t love a wedding? You’re in the midst of a massive party surrounded by your close family and friends, celebrating the fact that you’ve just made a commitment to one of the most amazing people you know. What’s not to love? Well … possibly choosing your reception venue!

If the thought of choosing a venue makes you just a tad too nervous, then it’s time to take a deep breath, pull your perfectly capable fiancé-d self together, and read our Top 5 Tips for choosing a wedding reception venue.

Tip #1 – Size and Setup

It sounds fairly obvious, but probably one of the most crucial decisions you’ll need to make when planning your wedding reception venue is working out your guest list. There’s no point booking out a private, intimate dining room if the number of your guests just won’t fit comfortably into the space. Guests needs to be able to move about freely and you also need to consider whether you need to allow for children’s strollers and/or wheelchair access.

Other details to think about include whether you have a choice of the size or shape of tables, whether stationery and décor items (like menus, centrepieces and a cake stand) are included, and whether you can organise some of the decorating yourself (and if so, whether can you gain early access to the venue to set up). Thankfully though, most wedding venues have ample experience dealing with seating arrangements and wedding venue bookings, so are often logistical wizards when it comes to putting the right amount of people in the right amount of space. All you have to do is ask!

Tip #2 – Layout, Lighting and Location

An important thing to consider if you’re thinking about confirming your wedding venue booking is where the venue is located. There’s just no match for beautiful river or city-skyline views, and picking a venue close to stunning photo opportunities (like in Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens) is also a bonus! In the venue itself lighting is an important factor, particularly if your reception is at night. Lighting can make or break your reception’s mood and space, and strategically located candles can also create a breathtaking ambience.

Certain colour palettes also work wonderfully for wedding receptions, in particular whites and neutral tones, and of course fresh flowers in a venue can add a memorable flourish that will add to the uniqueness of your special day.

Privacy in a venue is also an important factor for many couples, and private dining rooms or reception areas are often the venue of choice for those wanting to add a hint of exclusivity to their wedding reception. They are cosy, intimate and fuss-free, and mean that you’ll be able to spend more time with each of your guests adding to what are sure to be life-long memories.

Tip #3 – Favourable Facilities

It’s all well and good planning your dream wedding reception in middle of a remote location, however you need to ask yourself whether your guests will have ample access to the facilities they require as well. Interstate guests may need to book accommodation for the night and get  to the airport for a flight home the next day, and others may need transport services in order to make it home safely after your Big Day is over (especially if the champagne is flowing!)

Other things to think about when you’re considering wedding reception options are whether the venue is child- friendly, whether there is ample parking around the venue for guests, and whether there are lifts or facilities that will assist with access for guests that are elderly or disabled.

Tip #4 – Delectable Dining

Nobody should go hungry at a wedding. In fact, one of the most enjoyable parts of being invited to a wedding is the chance to sample some amazing food. So it’s important to get it right! When communicating with your wedding venue reception, questions worth asking are what time the meal is served, whether you have a choice of menus, whether the venue caters for special dietary requirements (like those of coeliacs and vegetarians), and whether you are able to sample some of the menu prior to making your booking.

In terms of drinks, it’s worth asking your venue manager whether they charge a corkage fee, how much champagne, wine, beer etc. is included per person, and whether there is an area available for you to host pre- reception drinks while you’re having your photos taken.

Tip #5 – Brace Yourself for the Budget Blow-out

There’s no doubt wedding receptions can be expensive. In fact budget blow-ups probably happen to most couples, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when planning your wedding reception venue. Nevertheless, it’s worth deciding on a tentative figure and sticking to it if you can because your venue budget, in particular, will ultimately affect where you book. Resist the urge to visit venues that are out of your price range – you’ll just be disappointed, and make sure  you discuss every nitty gritty detail with the venue managers so you don’t get caught out by any nasty surprises!

One of Brisbane’s most unique wedding venues, Moda Restaurant offers an intimate sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy the memory-making of your special day. With its elegant restaurant and private dining room, Moda offers couples a choice of dining options from a sumptuous rustic-style menu, and is just a breath away from some of Brisbane’s most beautiful backdrops including the Brisbane River and the Botanical Gardens.

From small intimate weddings to those with extensive guest lists, this boutique venue will take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the day’s most important feature – getting married! After the perfect venue for your special day? We are at your service. Contact Moda Restaurant today!

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