Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Spanish Tapas To Try

12 Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Spanish Tapas To Try

At Moda Restaurant, we are infatuated with Spanish style cooking, including tapas in all its forms.

Last month, we explored our favourite tapas that include meat as an ingredient. But the truth is, there are plenty of tapas that vegetarians and vegans are bound to love. Here are our favourite vegetarian tapas, why we love them and how to enjoy them best.

Vegetarian Spanish tapas

#1 Arancini balls with porcini mushroom aioli

These heavenly Arancini balls, filled with a delicious porcini mushroom aioli, are one of our favourite vegetarian tapas.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Pair these garlicky arancini balls with a silky rich, barrel-fermented chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, or an earthy red wine from Rioja.

#2 Zucchini flowers, goat’s Cheese and sweet corn salsa

Looking for a tapa that both looks and tastes incredible? To create this appetiser, we harvest the large yellow squash blossoms of zucchinis. Zucchini flowers are a popular vehicle for stuffing in the Mediterranean.

But what does this tapa taste like? Imagine the delicate, sweet flavour of a zucchini, mixing with the clean, bright flavour of goats cheese and fresh corn salsa.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Enjoy this delicious vegetarian tapa with a soft fruity red or Spanish tempranillo from the Castile and León region.

#3 Fried padrón peppers with manchego and sea salt

The humble padrón pepper is a variety of green pepper from Galicia, Spain. The chefs at Moda Restaurant pan-fry this sweet, earthy pepper, adding a dash of sea salt and manchego, a rich yet mild sheep cheese from the La Mancha region, to make an irresistible tapa.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Try your fried padron peppers with a chilled fruity Galician white wine like Pagos de Galir ‘Via Nova’.

#4 Fries with sea salt

Fries are popular throughout Europe and Spain is no exception.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: For a satisfying classic combination, pair your crispy fries with a rich, smooth champagne from France.

#5 Homemade ciabatta bread

Is there anything better than biting into a crusty, rustic loaf of ciabatta to discover a soft crumb, speckled with air holes? Our homemade ciabatta bread is an excellent choice for vegetarians.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: In summer, try pairing your ciabatta with a crispy, fresh white wine. In winter, opt for a soft and aromatic rosé with surprising depth, like the Vina Maquis Rose from Colchagua Valley in Chile.

#6 Roasted cauliflower with truffle pecorino

Our roasted cauliflower is a wonderful option for vegetarian tapas, especially since it’s smothered in a mouth-watering, garlicky truffle pecorino sauce.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Try matching the earthy, =nutty flavour of the truffle pecorino with a full-bodied Tempranillo red wine that has enough robust flavour to stand up to the truffles, like the Castillo Clavijo from Rioja.

#7 Higos con miel y queso

Combining the rich, sweet earthiness of roasted figs and clean creaminess of goat cheese with a touch of honey, this traditional Basque dish is both comforting and delicate.

Pair this dish with a creamy and fruity Pinot Gris to bring out the delicious tanginess of the goat cheese.

#8 Pan Catalan

Pan Catalan is a humble vegetarian tapa with lots of heart. A staple of traditional Catalan cuisine, this tapa (traditionally called ‘pa amb tomàquet’) consists of a few simple but satisfying ingredients: crusty bread, ripe tomatoes and freshly crushed garlic, soaked in olive oil.

Pair this tapa with delicious, blood red sangria.

Vegan Spanish appetisers

#9 Warm scenic rim olives

Perfect for vegans, this tapa consists of locally produced olives from the lush Scenic Rim in south-east Queensland.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Our delicious scenic rim olives and a crisp, refreshing sauvignon blanc are a match made in heaven.

#10 Patatas bravas

A classic tapa dish, patatas bravas tapas are one of our favourite ways to eat potato. This authentic dish from Madrid consists of cubes of potato, boiled, then deep-fried, then covered in a spicy, tomato sauce.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Patatas bravas are a notoriously wine-friendly tapa. They match well with many varieties of wine, but for a true Catalan experience, we recommend devouring this tapa with a full-bodied Tempranillo wine such as the Neo ‘Vivir, Vivir’ from Ribera Del Duero.

#11 Gazpacho

One of Spain’s signature dishes, gazpacho is a refreshingly simple, chilled summer soup, made with raw, blended vegetables like tomatoes, raw onion, cucumbers, chilli, garlic and capsicum.

For a blissful pairing, complement this traditional soup with the bright, citrusy flavour of a restrained sauvignon blanc or a young, crisp Albariño wine from Galicia.

#12 Espinacas con garbanzos

Espinacas con garbanzos is perhaps the best example of a homestyle Spanish favourite that works perfectly as a vegan tapa. Originating in Seville, this comforting spinach and chickpea stew is especially popular in the chilly winter months.

To shoo away the winter blues, there’s nothing better. We recommend devouring this dish as our abuelas intended: on its own.

Keen to try some vegetarian or vegan Spanish tapas (like our glorious roasted cauliflower with truffle pecorino)? Make a booking at Moda Restaurant today.

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