Javier’s Signature Paella every Friday

Moda Paella

Paella: A rice dish (from the Valencia region of Spain) that can be made in many styles with diverse ingredients including chicken, seafood, vegetables and meat.

Perhaps you’ve heard of paella, but in Brisbane for one of the most authentic paella’s in the city, cooked by a chef from the country that made Paella famous around the world, head to Moda Restaurant for a corporate lunch with a twist.

Every Friday, head chef Javier Codina serves up his signature paella, much to the delight of city workers, and those who make the trip into town especially for this lunchtime special.

With saffron infused rice, Mooloolaba scallops, prawns, muscles, yabbies, squid, fish, chicken and pork, the pan-seared Paella Mixta, (mixed paella) literally overflows with ingredients and flavours. It’s a rich, robust and a great dish known for its festiveness, making it perfect for Friday to herald in the start of the weekend.

While Javier’s paella is normally only available on Friday lunches, if you’re unable to get to Moda Restaurant at this time, we can arrange for you to try the signature dish – just call us in advance to pre-order.

A little bit about Paella

Paella originated in the rice growing Valencia region, as a popular staple for farm workers, which differs to risotto as a dry rice dish cooked in a pan known as a paellera. Available in different styles including the traditional Valencian paella, Seafood and Mixed paella, a mixed variety of the two is the variety most commonly eaten outside of Spain, and sometimes referred to as Valencian paella.

The key to making the dish successful lies in the flavours imparted into the rice which forms the crucial base of the meal. Often this is saffron and a variety of other spices, but the crucial base of a good paella is the stock used. A paella perfectly cooked has a crispy layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan, referred to as the ‘socarrat’

If you’ve yet to try an authentic paella, cooked with the authenticity and precise technique demanded by the tricky dish, then you need to try Javier’s signature seafood paella every Friday lunch at Moda Restaurant, one of Brisbane’s acclaimed fine dining restaurants.

Call us today on (07) 3221 7655 to secure a table today.

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