Key elements of hosting a successful business lunch


A business lunch can be the perfect setting to meet with a potential client, investor or even connect with others that could further your career. At Moda Restaurant we are open for lunch Thursdays and Friday’s from noon and regularly host business lunches, along with larger corporate lunches in our upstairs wine room. Depending on the size of your group and you specific needs we have the equipment necessary for presentations, and conference style luncheon as well as the perfect environment for those less formal lunchtime meetings and business lunches.

If you are planning a business lunch in Brisbane CBD, here are our top tips for hosting a successful corporate dining experience. 


Who chooses the restaurant?

The person who invites the person for a business lunch normally chooses the restaurant and it’s always best to check with the guest if there are any dietary preferences that they may have. Always choose a restaurant that impresses. A restaurant with a diverse menu and a good selection of beer and wine works well so your guest can find something that’s suited. While you might want to think about holding off on too many drinks, it is worth taking cues from what your guest’s orders and going with comparable food and drink items.

Always make a reservation

It sets the entire lunch off to a bad start if you show up to the restaurant that you have arranged and the restaurant is fully booked or there long wait for a table. To avoid this, make sure to always make a reservation.

Be equipped with the right gear

If you are having a corporate presentation or boardroom style luncheon, make sure the venue you choose is equipped to handle presentations. This could be as simple as a boardroom style table with a coffee and tea station or a data projector and whiteboard.

When should you discuss business?

An appropriate time to talk business is during the main meal or dessert rather than too early when the tone is still being set for meeting. Start off with some general talk to get to know the person on a causal basis and then steer the conversation towards business mid-meal.

Who should pay?

The person who extended the invitation to the business lunch is the one that should pay. Ideally the bill shouldn’t arrive at the table so if you’ve invited a potential client, investor or other contact to a business lunch arrange the bill to be sent to your office when making the booking, or alternatively you can excuse yourself after dessert to discreetly pay the bill.

Speak to the Moda Restaurant team for a specially tailored business lunch package suited to larger numbers or call us on (07) 3221 7655 to secure your table for your next business lunch.

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