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Moda’s A La Carte Menu Returns

Our A La Carte Menu – Returns

We are returning to our Normal Opening Hours

Tuesday 3pm till late & Wednesday to Saturday 1130 till late

available for Lunch Only, Wednesday to Saturday.

Javier’s Selection of 5 Tapas (individually served).
Selected by the chef for the entire table.


1st (from 5:00 pm out by 7:45 pm) or 2nd seating (8:00 pm onwards)

Javier’s Selection of 6 Tapas  (individually served).
Selected by the chef for the entire table.

 3 Courses with signature dishes from the menu and dishes created from fresh seasonal produces – 7 Tapas followed by 1 Brasa, then 3 Desserts – (individually served).
Selected by the chef for the entire table

All dietary requirements will be catered for with all menus

For bookings, visit our website

Our Favourite Food And Wine Pairings

Our Favourite Food And Wine Pairings

Certain elements like texture and flavour in both food and wine can harmoniously interact with each other. When food and wine combinations are executed well, your culinary experience can be an unforgettable experience.

Moda’s Head Chef, Javier Codina, brings an international flair to his cuisine, blending influences from California, France and his native Barcelona. Combined with an extensive wine list, we are committed to providing our patrons with one of the best dining experiences in Brisbane. Here are some of our favourite food and wine pairings. Visit us soon and experience our expertise for yourself!

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spanish food

A Spanish Culinary Journey | Famous Spanish Dishes

Heavily influenced by a history that has shaped the local culture, the climate and geography of Spain also play a huge part in the ingredients that are available and the cooking methods that are used when preparing Spanish cuisine. Most importantly, Spanish food is renowned all over the world as being full of flavour and character. Which is why you need to indulge! Here are our top 10 favourite Spanish dishes. Continue reading

5 Restaurant Menu Tricks To Be Aware Of

5 Restaurant Menu Tricks To Be Aware Of

A restaurant menu can be so much more than just a random list of dishes. Often it’s a well-thought-out item that has taken into account a variety of visual elements including images, colour, design, pricing and item description. All of these are strategically combined to make your dining experience not only one of informed choice but one that’s advantageous to the venue as well. Continue reading

Finding Good Spanish Restaurants – Brisbane

The restaurant scene in Brisbane is fast emerging as one of the more dynamic amalgamations of culture and cuisine in Australia. Fuelled aggressively by the rapid growth of the city, eateries seem to be appearing at a rate higher than ever before and from this, has arisen the development of new and exciting fusions of traditional cuisines and contemporary twists. A markedly vibrant and somewhat personalised cuisine amongst these is Spanish. Having always been recognised as a passion-inspiring, energetic type of food, Spanish cuisine will be the focus of this article. Particularly, emphasis will be placed on how best to navigate this melting pot of culture and food so as to best experience Spanish gastronomy and good Spanish restaurants in Brisbane.

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Taste it All at Javier’s Table and Forget Menu Envy

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Are you one of those people who find it difficult to decide what to choose from a menu when at a restaurant? You’re definitely not alone. ‘Menu Envy’ is something that many experience when perusing a dining menu, not wanting to look over at their dining partners dish and experience a bout of jealousy. You don’t want to miss out on something sensational, but since everything sounds so delicious, so how do you decide what to order?

Moda Restaurant has the perfect solution for undecided diners and those prone to menu envy. It’s been one of our perennial favourite choices and it’s called Javier’s Table. What is it? Read on and find out!  Continue reading

How to Choose Wine at a Restaurant


Choosing wine at a restaurant can be an exercise in confusion, especially those multiple page wine lists where some (if not most) of the varieties may be unfamiliar. The right bottle can make the meal, but how much do you need to spend and how can you make sure you are getting the right drop to match your meal? Read on for the secrets to savvy wine selections in a restaurant setting. Continue reading

Are these Some of Brisbane’s Best Desserts?

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Are you one of the restaurant-goers who are quick to sneak a look at the desert menu as soon as you are seated, secretly wishing you could start with the sweetness? For some restaurants, desserts are an afterthought, but here at Moda Restaurant, we do desserts with complete dedication.

With our own pâtissier, (or pastry chef) skilled at crafting a number of Spanish, French and other European style desserts, you can be assured of a decadent and delicious dessert experience, every time you dine with us at Moda. Here is a sample of some of the popular desserts we are currently offering.  Continue reading