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A Spanish Culinary Journey | Famous Spanish Dishes

Heavily influenced by a history that has shaped the local culture, the climate and geography of Spain also play a huge part in the ingredients that are available and the cooking methods that are used when preparing Spanish cuisine. Most importantly, Spanish food is renowned all over the world as being full of flavour and character. Which is why you need to indulge! Here are our top 10 favourite Spanish dishes. Continue reading

What guests are saying about dining at Moda Restaurant

ModaRestaurant interior

At Moda Restaurant, we aim to provide a great night out and a top tier eating experience in Brisbane for all our diners. Whether we greet those who dine with us regularly, or interstate or international visitors we have a number of guests who are generous with their feedback after dining with us and we’re always listening to what guests are saying  – no matter what is said.

If there’s anything that didn’t meet expectations, we really welcome this feedback as it allows us to take steps to address this and take the opportunity to make the experience right for the guest while they are with us. Here’s what guests have been saying on our review sites including Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor.  Continue reading

Key elements of hosting a successful business lunch


A business lunch can be the perfect setting to meet with a potential client, investor or even connect with others that could further your career. At Moda Restaurant we are open for lunch Thursdays and Friday’s from noon and regularly host business lunches, along with larger corporate lunches in our upstairs wine room. Depending on the size of your group and you specific needs we have the equipment necessary for presentations, and conference style luncheon as well as the perfect environment for those less formal lunchtime meetings and business lunches.

If you are planning a business lunch in Brisbane CBD, here are our top tips for hosting a successful corporate dining experience.  Continue reading

Javier’s Signature Paella every Friday

Moda Paella

Paella: A rice dish (from the Valencia region of Spain) that can be made in many styles with diverse ingredients including chicken, seafood, vegetables and meat.

Perhaps you’ve heard of paella, but in Brisbane for one of the most authentic paella’s in the city, cooked by a chef from the country that made Paella famous around the world, head to Moda Restaurant for a corporate lunch with a twist. Continue reading