Taste it All at Javier’s Table and Forget Menu Envy

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Are you one of those people who find it difficult to decide what to choose from a menu when at a restaurant? You’re definitely not alone. ‘Menu Envy’ is something that many experience when perusing a dining menu, not wanting to look over at their dining partners dish and experience a bout of jealousy. You don’t want to miss out on something sensational, but since everything sounds so delicious, so how do you decide what to order?

Moda Restaurant has the perfect solution for undecided diners and those prone to menu envy. It’s been one of our perennial favourite choices and it’s called Javier’s Table. What is it? Read on and find out! 

The Javier’s Table’s Experience

Created by our well-known chef, Javier Codina, this 3-course meal ensures your table can enjoy the full spectrum of eclectic tastes and textures on the menu. Based on seasonal ingredients and availability of produce, each course is a share platter with multiple choices for guests to try. From entremeses inspired from the Mediterranean regions of France and Spain and much more, expect to see some of the favourites from our menu, and some other specialties inspired from Javier’s homeland Catalonia.

3 Courses Each with Multiple Choices

Enjoy three choices comprising each course, and finish it off with dessert tapas to share that may include Crème Caramel, chocolate fondant, and Blood orange and ricotta salad, or others. At $89.00 per person, you can be sure you’ll receive plenty of food, plenty of choice and great value experiencing traditional Spanish and modern Australian cuisines. Your waiter will advise what is included in the Javier’s Table experience on each visit. This means even if you’ve dined at Javier’s table before, our constantly changing a la carte menu based around the seasons and freshest of ingredients mean there is always something new to discover.

You really can taste it all at Javier’s table and with every dish carefully selected by our award winning chef, you can guarantee it’s an experience that will take your tastebuds sit up and take notice, giving all your sense a very exciting journey. It’s also the perfect solution to those difficult dining decisions.

To arrange your next special Brisbane dining experience, visit Moda Restaurant today or book your table at Javier’s table by calling (07) 3221 7655.

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