A Guide To Choosing Function Venues

A Guide To Choosing Function Venues

Throwing a party or celebration? Arranging a business function? It’s time to get planning!

You want the occasion to go off without a hitch and to be remembered for all the right reasons. But where do you start? There is so much to organise, right? Putting together an event doesn’t have to be as painstaking as some might have you believe. The best function venues will help you understand everything that you will need to know and help you to achieve the perfect event without stress or worry. There are several key things you need to take into consideration when choosing your function venue.

Finding function venues that are right for you

Not every function establishment is going to be right for you. Every celebration and work event varies in terms of needs, atmosphere and numbers. For example, you aren’t going to hire the most romantic ballroom for a corporate work function, just as most brides and grooms won’t opt for practical lecture theatre as their ideal wedding venue. You need to do a little research before making your final selection. Consider the following when doing your function venues research.

What’s the occasion?

The occasion is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a venue. As mentioned above, your venue must be suitable for the upcoming event yet still leave some room for changes. Does the birthday party, christening celebration, funeral or wedding require a certain mood? Upbeat, sombre, business official or romantic? The occasion plays a massive part in finding the optimal venue.

Function rooms

Function rooms vary from venue to venue. This is why it is important that you know what is included with each one and what style of function you want to host. Are you going to host a sit down a la carte dinner? A stand up cocktail party with appetisers? Perhaps a self-serve buffet? Matching the style of function room with the dining experience and occasion is crucial in making the event a success.

Venue size

There is nothing more disappointing than thinking you have found the perfect venue, only to find out that they cannot actually cater to the number of guests you expect to be inviting. While some function rooms may only be able to hold 50 people, others will have the capacity to host upwards of 350. Moda Restaurant offers a range of spaces and layouts to facilitate different party sizes. When you are considering locations for your celebration you must take the venue size into consideration.

Your budget

Be honest and realistic about how much you can afford to spend on the venue and catering. If you can’t afford sparkling French champagne and caviar overlooking the beach, you need to talk to a great wedding venue about the deluxe packages that ARE within your budget. There are always plenty of other great options available. Perhaps you can scale back the decorations to maximise the food budget in your package? Or invite guests to buy their own drinks so that you can go to town on other elements of your theme?

Food and beverages

Depending on the occasion, you will have a few catering options to choose from. Some venues will focus heavily on one type of cuisine while others will prefer to offer various options. The type of function will play a large part in the catering style; a la carte, table d’hôte, buffet or canapes. A professional function venue will also offer options for dietary requirements or allergies.

Ideally the function venue you choose will have a bar in the room as this provides your guests with convenience. You will also need to consider whether you want to have an open bar or possibly even restrict certain drinks from being served.

Booking venues

If your date is flexible this will give you the best chance at securing a time of year that is desirable for you and your guests. When possible, do not leave reserving your function room and catering until the last minute. This not only restricts the date options available, it also limits the food selections and party entertainment services such as bands and photo booths considerably.

The little things

Regardless whether you are hosting a wedding, 40th birthday party or a work get together, there are a few resources that will help to make your event run smoothly. A podium and microphone are very effective in getting the attention of your guests when there is something important that needs to said, from keynote speeches to the best man’s words of wisdom. Projectors are often used to share years of memories and love or humorous mishaps that occurred in the workplace. These slideshows often result in a lot of enjoyment, reminiscing and laughter.

Some venues offer these items as part of their function packages, whilst others may charge a set up fee. It pays to ask when you’re making your booking.

Customer service

From the moment you book your event with the venue, communicate with the staff to ensure they know exactly what vision you see for your celebration. Not only will they be able to help you to enjoy a stress free event, they are a great source of knowledge when it comes to recommendations for other services. They will know the best photographers, decorators and musical entertainment available in Brisbane.

Finding the perfect establishment to host your celebration can take time. But have patience and don’t rush it because finding the right location makes all the difference.

Moda Restaurant is one of the most sought-after function venues in Brisbane. It is easily accessible to public transport, conveniently located in the centre of Brisbane and it has a renowned reputation for good food and great times. Talk to one of their expert event planners to create your next unforgettable event! From corporate events to luxurious, glamorous weddings, Moda Restaurant will have a package to suit.

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