5 Reasons We’re The Best Spanish Restaurant In Brisbane

Five Reasons We’re the Best Spanish Restaurant in Brisbane

Stop going to the same old boring café for dinner week after week. Spoil your date to an unforgettable evening of atmosphere, great food and fine dining. You will be wishing you had done it sooner!

There are thousands of good restaurants in Brisbane but finding a great one can often be a task in itself. And even though the number of restaurants, cafes and eateries are on the rise, the struggle continues if you want to narrow it down to a specific style of culinary delights. Thankfully finding the top Spanish restaurant in Brisbane is not as hard as you think!

If you are looking for a venue that offers romance, culture and fresh food created with flair, look no further than Moda Restaurant for your next outing!

Spanish food a hit at Moda Restaurant

Ethnic food is everywhere; Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian, but let’s not forget Spanish restaurants. The desire for Spanish food is on the rise which means the Catalan competition for Moda Restaurant is becoming fierce. Thankfully Chef Javier’s Catalan heritage has given Moda the upper hand to produce an authentic Spanish dining experience you will never forget. This is just one of the reasons Moda Restaurant is the go-to venue for Spanish cuisine.

Relaxed and stylish atmosphere

You will feel welcomed from the moment you step through the manicured hedges and walk into Moda Restaurant; as you will be greeted to a Catalan fine dining establishment with a beautiful rustic ambience. The relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere will have you feeling like you have just discovered a small slice of Europe and that is even before you get to look at the menu.

Attention to detail is evident as your eyes gaze around the room to discover romantic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, quiet tables nestled away in the wine room, greenery situated throughout the restaurant and the glass roof offering speckled sunlight during the day.

Moda Restaurant offers intimate dining experiences that will create the perfect setting for those special date nights, big celebrations, anniversaries and even just to enjoy one another’s company. If an alfresco dining is your preferred choice for a business lunch or a ‘get to know you’ dinner, Moda has the perfect table for you with the breeze and fresh air. We even cater to large groups, staff occasions and special party events. Whatever your need and preferred dining style is, we can make happen.

Fresh is best

Just like all the top chefs, Chef Javier has a love for fresh produce. His passion and desire to keep the food fresh and bursting full of flavour sees him stopping by the local market each and every morning to check in with his trusted suppliers. Due to seasonal changes and freshness of produce, Chef Javier likes to use his imagination and talent to create these flavours based on what fresh produce is available that day and personally hand picks each and every item that inspires him. He uses these fruits, vegetables and herbs to create a diverse array of flavours and dishes that will see you coming back to dine at Moda Restaurant again and again.

Food to sink your teeth into

When dining out you want the food to ‘WOW’ you, to take you away somewhere else, to experience a flavour explosion with every mouthful and at Moda Restaurant, this is exactly what you get.

Chef Javier uses his Catalan heritage and expertise to influence his food, the flavours and of course your overall dining experience. This is why he offers an extensive menu with a great range of Spanish influenced foods, in addition to the very highly recommended Javier’s Table Experience.

Spaniards are well known for their paella and tortilla de patatas however they also develop so many other amazing dishes. Off the menu you have many great options including a herby Catalan Zarzuela seafood soup, stuffed octopus with vibrant tropical fruit, melt in your mouth pork belly, soft and flavoursome fried fillet and even chicken croquette among other traditional dishes. You will be wowed by every single dish, including the Spanish tapas!

So you may be wondering what is the highly recommended Javier’s Table Experience mentioned earlier? It is an option where the chef chooses what you are served. It is a dining experience that is truly unique and offers three courses selected by the chef featuring dishes created from fresh seasonal produce and offers a great selection of everything.


While location may not be something you think of immediately, it is definitely worth considering. Moda Restaurant is situated across from the beautiful botanic gardens which not only provides you a gorgeous view when opting for the alfresco dining style, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to carry on your date after your meal.

If public transport is your concern, forget that now because Moda Restaurant is conveniently located only a short five minute walk from the Riverside Centre and public transport is easily accessible.


Good service is crucial to a great dining experience and Moda Restaurant do not disappoint in any aspect. The staff are friendly, helpful and go above and beyond to make your reservation at Moda Restaurant as enjoyable as possible.

Moda Restaurant is a fine dining Spanish restaurant that lives up to its exceptional reputation; which is why it is a top choice for couples, family gatherings and every celebration. This is all thanks to the impeccable service, the freshest and finest seasonal produce that is prepared by passionate chefs who take pride in their culinary creations. And of course the high standards that both the staff and guests expect from the establishment as a whole.

If you are looking for a dining experience that inspires you like never before, Moda Restaurant should be the next venue on your list.

Give Moda Restaurant a call today on (07) 3221 7655 and make your reservation to the hottest Spanish restaurant in Brisbane!


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