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Wedding Receptions at Moda Restaurant

Moda on Petrie Terrace is a unique location for wedding receptions of every kind. From small intimate wedding receptions with up to 40 guests, to a large glittering party catering to 200 guests with exclusive use of our venue, our boutique venue is ideal.

This cozy venue creates the perfect atmosphere for any unique wedding reception, cocktail or tapas party, with a leafy al fresco terrace that can be opened up to join the wine room, bar and function room.

Photo Credit by Mezic Studio

For more information or to arrange a site visit, please call Juliette on 07 32217655 or email us at


Wine Industry Trends For 2019

5 Wine Industry Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Calling all wine lovers! If you’re more than a little fond of red, white, sparkling, international or homegrown Australian wines, you’ll love our latest post. In this article, we explore our favourite wine industry trends we’re predicting for 2019. Here are our top 5 wine industry trends for 2019.


#1 The Charm of Cava

Why it’s gaining popularity in 2019:

A delicious sparkling wine from Spain, cava wines are set to skyrocket in popularity in Australia throughout 2019. A refreshing alternative to champagne, this style of wine can taste fruity or nutty, depending on the wine’s age.

Where cava wines come from:

About 95% of all cava wines are produced in the Penedès region in Catalonia, Spain. Cava is also produced in Aragon, Castile and León, Extremadura, La Rioja, Basque Country, Navarre and Valencia.

Which varieties of grapes are used:

Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo grape varieties can be used to create white (blanc) or rosé (rosat) wines.


The base of cava blends: Macabeo (white) grapes add a rich base of ripe, exotic citrus with waxy floral notes such as bergamot and chamomile.

Mid-palate texture and body: Parellada (white) grapes taste of citrus fruits and fresh nutty notes.

Xarel·lo (white) grapes add tart freshness with underripe, demure citrus and apple fruit aromas.

To make cava rosé wine, the wine will use Garnacha and Monastrell red grapes to create an antique peach hue and peachy-floral aromas.

Vintage and aged cava will have a deep body of nutty and toasty flavour with baked notes of apple and almond.

Suggested wines:

Cava Mas Père Brut – Penedès, Cataluña


#2 The Rosé Revolution

Why it’s gaining popularity in 2019:

Rosé is a delicate, vibrant wine renowned for its fruity and floral taste and especially beloved in the Australian summer. Winemakers craft rosé wine by staining the wine red with red grape skins (the source of the red pigment) for a precise amount of time. Any kind of red wine grape, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo or Malbec, can be used to produce rosé wine.

Where rosé wines come from:

Rosé is a popular style of wine produced in countries such as France, Chile and Spain.


The primary flavours in rosé wine include red fruit, flowers, citrus and melon. Ultimately, the taste will depend on the type of grapes used.

Suggested wines:

  • 83 Rosé de Provence (Grenache, Cabernet and Cinsault) – Provence, France
  • Maquis Rosé (Malbec) – Colchagua Valley, Chile
  • Edulis Rosé (Tempranillo) – Rioja, Spain

#3 Sauvignon Blanc

Why it’s gaining popularity in 2019:

Sauvignon blanc is known for its aromatic and smooth taste with a refreshing, fruit-driven taste full of tropical characters.

Where Sauvignon Blanc wines come from:

Australia is world-renowned for its elegant sauvignon blancs. Sauvignon blanc grapes thrive well in cool climates such as Adelaide Hills (South Australia), Margaret River and Pemberton (Western Australia), Yarra Valley, King Valley and Goulburn Valley (Victoria), Orange (New South Wales) and Tasmania.


The primary flavours range from zesty lime to flowery peach, crisp green apple to grapefruit, gooseberry and passionfruit, and cut grass.

Suggested wines:

  • Quinta de Aves ‘Alauda’ (Moscatel, Sauvignon Blanc) – Tierra de Castilla, Spain
  • Terroir (Tehr-Wahr) (Sauvignon Blanc) – Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Sancerre Cantin ‘Les Pier Blancs’ (Sauvignon Blanc) – Loire Valley, France
  • Woody Nook Semillon (Sauvignon Blanc) – Margaret River, Western Australia


#4 The Tempranillo Taste

Why it’s gaining popularity in 2019:

Australian wine lovers are becoming infatuated with Tempranillo wines, attracted to its easy drinking style and ability to match with a variety of delicious foods, including Spanish tapas.

Where Tempranillo wines come from:

Tempranillo grapes are cultivated in Spain, especially the Rioja region. According to popular belief, this type of grape was introduced to the Iberian peninsula by the Phoenicians more than 3,000 years ago. The name, Tempranillo, comes from the Spanish temprano, meaning “early,” since this type of grape ripens before other native Spanish grapes.


Tempranillo’s dominant flavours include cherry, dried fig, cedar and tobacco, which can become deeper and darker with ageing. Typically, tempranillo wines from Rioja and Navarra provide pepper, red cherry and subtle cinnamon notes, while wines from Ribera del Duero in Castilla-León are deeper and darker with more blackberry flavours and intense tannins.

Suggested wines:

  • Neo ‘Vivir, Vivir’ (Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero, Spain
  • Castillo Clavijo (Tempranillo) – Rioja Spain
  • Habla Del Silencio (Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet, Sauvignon) – Trujillo, Extremadura
  • Neo ‘Disco’ (Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero, Castilla y León
  • Vizcarra ’15 Meses’ (Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero, Castilla y León
  • Neo Punta Esencia (Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero, Castilla y León


#5 Classic Chardonnay

Why it’s gaining popularity in 2019:

The popularity of chardonnay is soaring again in 2019, with Australian wine drinkers rekindling their chardonnay love affair.

Where Chardonnay wines come from:

Chardonnay wines are popularly grown in Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand.


If you like the idea of creamy, rich white wine, you’ll love the classic style of oak-aged chardonnay wine. Oaked chardonnays are rich and full-bodied with vanilla, butter and caramel flavours. A cool climate chardonnay will taste buttery and citrusy, while a warm climate chardonnay will taste more tropical.

If you prefer your wines to be lean and dry, your perfect chardonnay is unoaked.

Suggested wines:

  • Castano Macabeo (Chardonnay) – Yecla, Murcia
  • Petit Chablis Pierre Laroche (Chardonnay) – Burgundy, France
  • Blackbilly (Chardonnay) – Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  • Sidewood Estate (Chardonnay) – Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  • Bensar ‘à l’état pur’ (Chardonnay) – Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  • Stella Bella ‘Serie Luminosa’ (Chardonnay) – Margaret River, Western Australia
  • Port Phillip Estate ‘Red Hill’ (Chardonnay) – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
  • Lethbridge ‘Allegra’ (Chardonnay) – Geelong, Victoria
  • Man O War ‘Walhalla’ (Chardonnay) – Waiheke Island, New Zealand


Ready to sample our impressive wine list? Book a table at Moda Restaurant today!

Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Spanish Tapas To Try

12 Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Spanish Tapas To Try

At Moda Restaurant, we are infatuated with Spanish style cooking, including tapas in all its forms.

Last month, we explored our favourite tapas that include meat as an ingredient. But the truth is, there are plenty of tapas that vegetarians and vegans are bound to love. Here are our favourite vegetarian tapas, why we love them and how to enjoy them best.

Vegetarian Spanish tapas

#1 Arancini balls with porcini mushroom aioli

These heavenly Arancini balls, filled with a delicious porcini mushroom aioli, are one of our favourite vegetarian tapas.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Pair these garlicky arancini balls with a silky rich, barrel-fermented chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, or an earthy red wine from Rioja.

#2 Zucchini flowers, goat’s Cheese and sweet corn salsa

Looking for a tapa that both looks and tastes incredible? To create this appetiser, we harvest the large yellow squash blossoms of zucchinis. Zucchini flowers are a popular vehicle for stuffing in the Mediterranean.

But what does this tapa taste like? Imagine the delicate, sweet flavour of a zucchini, mixing with the clean, bright flavour of goats cheese and fresh corn salsa.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Enjoy this delicious vegetarian tapa with a soft fruity red or Spanish tempranillo from the Castile and León region.

#3 Fried padrón peppers with manchego and sea salt

The humble padrón pepper is a variety of green pepper from Galicia, Spain. The chefs at Moda Restaurant pan-fry this sweet, earthy pepper, adding a dash of sea salt and manchego, a rich yet mild sheep cheese from the La Mancha region, to make an irresistible tapa.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Try your fried padron peppers with a chilled fruity Galician white wine like Pagos de Galir ‘Via Nova’.

#4 Fries with sea salt

Fries are popular throughout Europe and Spain is no exception.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: For a satisfying classic combination, pair your crispy fries with a rich, smooth champagne from France.

#5 Homemade ciabatta bread

Is there anything better than biting into a crusty, rustic loaf of ciabatta to discover a soft crumb, speckled with air holes? Our homemade ciabatta bread is an excellent choice for vegetarians.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: In summer, try pairing your ciabatta with a crispy, fresh white wine. In winter, opt for a soft and aromatic rosé with surprising depth, like the Vina Maquis Rose from Colchagua Valley in Chile.

#6 Roasted cauliflower with truffle pecorino

Our roasted cauliflower is a wonderful option for vegetarian tapas, especially since it’s smothered in a mouth-watering, garlicky truffle pecorino sauce.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Try matching the earthy, =nutty flavour of the truffle pecorino with a full-bodied Tempranillo red wine that has enough robust flavour to stand up to the truffles, like the Castillo Clavijo from Rioja.

#7 Higos con miel y queso

Combining the rich, sweet earthiness of roasted figs and clean creaminess of goat cheese with a touch of honey, this traditional Basque dish is both comforting and delicate.

Pair this dish with a creamy and fruity Pinot Gris to bring out the delicious tanginess of the goat cheese.

#8 Pan Catalan

Pan Catalan is a humble vegetarian tapa with lots of heart. A staple of traditional Catalan cuisine, this tapa (traditionally called ‘pa amb tomàquet’) consists of a few simple but satisfying ingredients: crusty bread, ripe tomatoes and freshly crushed garlic, soaked in olive oil.

Pair this tapa with delicious, blood red sangria.

Vegan Spanish appetisers

#9 Warm scenic rim olives

Perfect for vegans, this tapa consists of locally produced olives from the lush Scenic Rim in south-east Queensland.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Our delicious scenic rim olives and a crisp, refreshing sauvignon blanc are a match made in heaven.

#10 Patatas bravas

A classic tapa dish, patatas bravas tapas are one of our favourite ways to eat potato. This authentic dish from Madrid consists of cubes of potato, boiled, then deep-fried, then covered in a spicy, tomato sauce.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Patatas bravas are a notoriously wine-friendly tapa. They match well with many varieties of wine, but for a true Catalan experience, we recommend devouring this tapa with a full-bodied Tempranillo wine such as the Neo ‘Vivir, Vivir’ from Ribera Del Duero.

#11 Gazpacho

One of Spain’s signature dishes, gazpacho is a refreshingly simple, chilled summer soup, made with raw, blended vegetables like tomatoes, raw onion, cucumbers, chilli, garlic and capsicum.

For a blissful pairing, complement this traditional soup with the bright, citrusy flavour of a restrained sauvignon blanc or a young, crisp Albariño wine from Galicia.

#12 Espinacas con garbanzos

Espinacas con garbanzos is perhaps the best example of a homestyle Spanish favourite that works perfectly as a vegan tapa. Originating in Seville, this comforting spinach and chickpea stew is especially popular in the chilly winter months.

To shoo away the winter blues, there’s nothing better. We recommend devouring this dish as our abuelas intended: on its own.

Keen to try some vegetarian or vegan Spanish tapas (like our glorious roasted cauliflower with truffle pecorino)? Make a booking at Moda Restaurant today.

spanish meat tapas dish

10 Mouth-Watering Spanish Meat Tapas & Brasa To Try

Spanish style meat tapas and brasa

Here at Moda Restaurant, we love tantalising meat tapas dishes. We especially have a soft spot for tapas cooked ‘brasa-style’ in a traditional charcoal oven over embers. In this article, we’ll discuss our favourite tapas dishes and how brasa style cooking can make for a uniquely Spanish dining experience.

What is brasa?

Brasa (literally ‘ember’ in Spanish’) describes an authentic Spanish cooking style where meat is charcoal-grilled over embers. It results in tender, flavoursome meat that melts in the mouth.

Spanish seafood tapas

#1 Gambas al ajillo tapas

Gambas al ajillo is one of the most popular seafood tapas dishes in Spain. This authentic Spanish dish consists of tender prawns, sauteed in garlic and olive oil with a touch of cayenne pepper, Spanish paprika or brandy for taste.

We suggest pairing it with a full-bodied and aromatic white wine such as Pagos de Galir ‘Via Nova’ from Godello, Valencia. Don’t forget to add nice crusty homemade ciabatta for sopping up the delicious sauce.

#2 Piquillo peppers, tuna salad and Persian Feta salsa

The humble piquillo pepper is a kind of chilli traditionally grown in northern Spain. Its name comes from the Spanish word for ‘little beak’. In Moda Restaurant’s classic twist on this favourite tapa, we stuff our ember-roasted piquillo peppers with fresh tuna salad and Persian feta salsa, for the perfect balance of smoky sweet and salty with a heavenly creaminess and rich depth of flavour.

If you try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Match this tapa with a young and fruity Garnacha white wine, such as a Sant Josep ‘Llágrimes De Tardor’ from Navarra. For an earthier wine that complements the peppers, try the ‘Neo Reserva’ red wine from Rioja.

#3 Lobster tail, crayfish and nectarine vinaigrette

Lobsters are a true delicacy in Spain. Our own twist on a classic seafood tapa features lobster tail and crayfish with a sweet nectarine vinaigrette.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: We recommend pairing this lobster tapa with a South Australian Chardonnay with delicious vanilla notes.

#4 Salt and pepper calamari

Calamari is a popular dish served in many Spanish tapas bars, especially along the coast where fresh food is plentiful. And it’s no surprise — crispy squid is one of those classic snacks that translates well into any language. We are lucky in Australia to have a bounty of delicious fresh seafood. In our version, the soft, buttery squid is encased in deliciously light batter and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Try pairing this classic tapa dish with an Australian chardonnay from Adelaide Hills or Margaret River.

Spanish chicken tapas and brasa

#5 Chicken croquettes with Romesco sauce

Chicken croquettes (‘croquetas de Pollo’) are a delicious tapa that we personally can’t get enough of. When paired with Romesco sauce — a nutty sauce made with capscium, almonds, pine nuts or hazelnuts, fresh tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil from Catalonia — these chicken croquettes can become quite addictive.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: We recommend pairing it with a dry Spanish Sauvignon Blanc such as the Quinta de Aves ‘Alauda’.

#6 Chicken in bravas sauce

Enjoy delicious cubes of moist, spicy chicken coated with rich tomato, garlic, chilli and smoked paprika.

Try pairing this tapa favourite with a small, cold beer or a glass of Castillo Clavijo red wine, made with Tempranillo grapes in the heartland of Spanish wine.

Spanish beef tapas and brasa

#7 Black Onyx tri tip

One of the best ways to enjoy the magic of brasa style cooking is with a perfectly prepared piece of highly marbled Black Angus beef. Cooking high-quality steak over embers is a great way to bring out its natural, juicy flavour.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Pair this Black Onyx tri tip with an Australian merlot or shiraz.

#8 Albondigas

These absolutely delicious tapas meatballs, traditionally served in small clay dishes, consist of meatballs in garlic tomato sauce.

These tapas appetisers are perfect for enjoying with a cold beer or a glass of Spanish red wine.

Jamón tapas and brasa

#9 Iberico jamón and Spanish melon

Melon con jamón is a Spanish classic tapa dish that offers an incredible combination of sweet and savoury flavours. The rich, nutty and earthy flavour of Iberico jamón makes an excellent contrast with the sweet, delicate juiciness of melon.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Enjoy this Iberico jamón dish with a delicious mature chardonnay from Burgundy, or perhaps a red wine from Rioja.

#10 Green asparagus, jamón and truffle emulsion

In Spain, grilled vegetables are a popular accompaniment to tender meat tapas. For a mouth-watering culinary experience, pair the beautiful flavour of jamón with grilled, fresh asparagus, olive oil, coarse salt and black pepper, cooked in a silky smooth and subtle truffle emulsion.

If you would like to try this dish at Moda Restaurant: Pair it with a clean, restrained white wine such as Primer Motivo.

Eager to try some authentic Spanish tapas or brasa (like our divine Iberico jamón with Spanish melon)? Make a booking at Moda Restaurant today.

Fascinating Facts About Spanish Tapas

Fascinating Facts About Spanish Tapas

While the exact historical and cultural details of the origin of tapas are uncertain, there is no doubt tapas in Spain is popular. Served in almost every bar, restaurant and home throughout Spain, tapas is so popular that the phrase ‘vamos a tapear(let’s go eat tapas) can be heard almost every day, and the idea of ordering small plates to share has become a trend in restaurants around the world. Here are some fascinating facts about Spanish tapas. Continue reading

Moda Restaurant is ‘On the Move’… Relocating to The Barracks

Javier and François are delighted to announce the relocation of Moda Restaurant from Edward Street to The Barracks, on Petrie Terrace.  Home of ‘The Underground’ Night Club in the 80’s and 90’s and the former Police Barracks Stables, Moda Tapas Brasa Bar’s new location will open early October 2018.

Since 1999, as Gianni’s Restaurant and from 2010 as Moda Restaurant, Head Chef and Co-Owner Javier Codina is looking forward to this new and exciting culinary venture.

Moda has always been an owner-operators’ concept with an ‘everything made in-house’ philosophy.

Since joining forces in 2010, Javier and François have been committed to pursuing their restaurant career together and have elected The Barracks for their future.

Moda Tapas Brasa Bar will feature an extensive Tapas and Entremeses menu, priced from $8 to $28, ideal for grazing, lunches, dinners and celebrations.

The addition of a Rôtisserie and a famous MIBRASA charcoal oven will enhance the delicately-cooked over-embers carnivore menu.

The popular Javier’s Table, a rustic degustation where the chefs cooks for you, will continue, and for those diners who prefer the classic entrée, main, dessert approach, an expanded and alluring menu will entice.

Moda Tapas Brasa Bar will remain a popular destination for functions with various dedicated dining and cocktail party spaces accommodating from 12 to 200 guests. The Wine Room, equipped with the latest technology, is complimented by an Alfresco Terrace for celebrations of up to 60 guests.

Fronting onto Petrie Terrace, the new Moda is very easy to locate, and has access to 400 undercover car park spaces.

We look forward to seeing you on Petrie Terrace, and sharing the next decade with you.

Warmest regards,

Javier and François

NB: All vouchers and confirmed event agreements will be honoured.

Javier Codina and François Le Savéant

Moda Tapas Brasa Bar, The Barracks, 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane Q 4000

P (07) 3221 7655 E | Bookings


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